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Episode 75: The Golden Age of Metroid, Metroid LEGOs, Dread Pre-Orders, and More!

Dak is back, while Andy is off getting hitched (congratulations Andy and Sam!), as the show must go on. Doominal returns to join Dak for an in-depth reflection of the “Golden Age” of Metroid. We look back and reminisce on arguably the best time to be a Metroid fan. With so many great Metroid games released in such a short period of time, it’s hard not to have fond feelings of that era. Join us as we remember some of our favorite moments from the Golden Age of Metroid, and what defines that era to begin with.

We also cover some Metroid current events, including: the recent Metroid Dread pre-order buzz; a new Metroid LEGO concept; and our (very) first impressions on Axiom Verge 2! Don’t miss out on one of our longest episodes yet!


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