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Episode 180 – Metroid Manga In Review: Metroid Volume 1!

Welcome to a brand new sub-series from Omega! Today’s episode is the first installment of Metroid Manga In Review, a series where we will be reading and reviewing the various Metroid manga that have been made over the years. Kicking us off is Metroid: Volume 1, the origin story of one Samus Aran!

Come listen to our thoughts on the manga’s interpretation of the last days of the Chozo, the Space Pirates and what it’s like to hear Ridley talk, the themes of emotion vs duty, Mother Brain as a Chozo-created AI program, Samus’s companions Kreatz, Mauk, and Pychoni, if we had an easy time following along, and so much more!

All of the Metroid manga has been fan translated by our pals over at Metroid Database and is available to read here, so make sure that you check them out, and don’t worry – we’re finishing the story next week with Volume 2!




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