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Metroid Musing: Would Samus Be Immune to The Marker From Dead Space?

At a young age, Samus Aran experienced a great tragedy. Her home of K-2L was wiped out in a Space Pirate raid spearheaded by their leader, Ridley. Samus was only 3 years old at the time, yet Ridley would have killed Samus if her mother had not knocked Samus out of the way, causing the young girl to watch her mother get disintegrated before her eyes. Samus was the sole survivor of this horrible event but was luckily saved by a group of Chozo that had visited K-2L before the Space Pirate raid began. The trauma from this event would haunt Samus for her entire life, but it would only resurface in a notable way in a handful of encounters with Ridley. Since this is the type of wound that never really heals, it could be an exploitable weakness to those with psychic powers or anything else that could result in trauma induced hallucinations. Samus has never encountered anything like this in the Metroid games themselves, yet despite Samus’ outstanding willpower, if she ever encountered one of the Markers from the Dead Space series, that could change.

The Markers are alien in origin that have been found on seemingly dead worlds. When these Markers are encountered by humanity and other forms of intelligent life, the Markers release a dangerous electromagnetic signal. This signal has two noteworthy effects; first, it causes dead tissue to be reanimated into the Necromorphs. The second, and more potent, effect is how induces paranoia, depression, insomnia, and increased aggression on the living. The exact effects of the Marker signal and how fast it goes into effect depends on the individual, however there are a handful of people that seem immune to the Marker signal, as they don’t exhibit any the usual symptoms. Could Samus be one of these individuals? If not, how would she be able to resist the Marker’s influence or for how long? Let us know in the comments below!