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Learn How to Experience the Latest AM2R Has To Offer

AM2R is without a doubt one of the greatest fan-made Metroid games available today. It perfectly captures the narrative of Metroid 2 while still expanding upon it in ways that make sense. It’s also still incredibly active within the development community, receiving updates and expansions that keep it feeling fresh.

So, if you’re new to AM2R, or if you’re looking to enjoy the latest it has to offer, ExoParadigmGamer has you covered. In their YouTube video ROR: Metroid II Revisited | AM2R (PC) Is Even Better in 2023!, they not only discuss the latest enhancements made to AM2R, but also give you an in-depth guide on how to get the latest version up and running. It’s important to note though, that you’ll still need a zipped copy of the original v1.1. The updates that ExoParadigmGamer guides you through will patch the original version–it is NOT a stand alone copy of the game.

The video covers most of the latest additions to AM2R, but here are some interesting highlights:

  • Redesigned Art Assets
  • Remastered Soundtrack
  • Rebalanced Boss Fights
  • Fusion Difficulty
  • New Game+
  • Built In Randomizer

The redesigned art assets are thanks to a new team looking to have AM2R stand more on its own. They’re moving away from assets that were directly ripped from the original or assets that heavily resemble their original counterparts. It’s an ongoing effort, but you’ll no doubt see some of these changes in v1.5.5.

Another fantastic addition is the Fusion Difficulty. This is not a simple change to health and damage. Organic enemies are actually infected with the X parasites. Just like Fusion, the X will appear as you eliminate enemies. Additionally, some bosses will spawn an X Core, giving you the opportunity to collect new abilities just like you did in Fusion. And of course you’ll do all of this while running around in the original Fusion Suit.

Overall, there’s a ton of great new content to check out in AM2R. If you haven’t already, check out ExoParadigmGamer’s video below. And don’t forget to let us know what you think! Are you a fan of AM2R? What do you think of the latest enhancements? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Source: ExoParadigmGamer