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The Great Metroid Area Ranking: Crateria + Artaria

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Great Metroid Area Ranking! This is our new Omega-Tier exclusive show from Patreon, where I, Andy Spiteri, will be ranking every single area in the Metroid series! Every month, we’ll rank TWO area’s from the series, and to get us started, we picked two famous intro areas: Artaria from Metroid Dread and Crateria from Super Metroid! Joined by Gooey Fame, we talk the inspiration behind the idea, what makes a good area, and ultimately kick our list off by ranking one starter area over the other!

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Follow along with the The Ranking so far!

Make sure to check out the series that inspired this: Gooey’s Dungeon Dive, a podcast ranking every dungeon in the Zelda series!

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