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Episode 109 – Should Metroid 6 Feature A New Playable Character and Samus as an Antagonist?

Andy and Dak are finally reunited and have a whole smorgasbord of Metroid topics to dive into! We go over the recent DYK Gaming video highlighting the development of Metroid Prime, talk about the reported leaks showing Nintendo using Game Boy Advance emulators and what it could mean for NSO, discuss the new Retro Studios job posting for a writer for Metroid Prime 4, and finally go over an editorial Andy penned about how Metroid 6 could take a page out of Metal Gear Solid’s book and introduce a new playable character and feature Samus in an antagonistic role!

There are some definite differing opinions on what direction the sequel could take, so make sure that you tune in to weigh in! Also, DON’T FORGET – next week, we’re taking fan “would you rather” questions! Head to this tweet and reply to have your question answered!






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