Super Metroid

Watch Speedrunner Oatsngoats Attempt An Impossible Super Metroid Randomizer

Dedicated Metroid fans are no strangers to randomizers. Popular speedrunner Oatsngoats is certainly one of them, having attempted many Super Metroid randomizers throughout the years. This week, Oatsngoats tries a whole new challenge: a Super Metroid randomizer that seemed near-impossible from the outset.

In his latest YouTube video, Oatsngoats takes on what the upload calls “The Impossible Rando” – an “expert-level, master settings” area randomizer for Super Metroid.

For the hour and a half-plus runtime, even someone of Oats’ caliber struggles with the challenges this randomizer brings. Of course, challenges like these are very trial-and-error with the nature of being a randomizer. Not only that, but this randomizer doesn’t feature our usual heroine Samus Aran, but Wario of all characters.

While the YouTube upload only features the first hour and a half of the session, the full Twitch livestream reached nearly five hours. Oats initially predicted that the session would last around two and a half to three hours.

Oats currently holds a number of top 10 speedruns across the Metroid franchise, including 7th in Metroid Dread 100%; 6th in Metroid Dread Legacy Any%; 5th in Super Metroid 100%; and 5th in Super Metroid Any%.

Be sure to check out all the ups and downs of Oats’ struggle through this brutal randomizer, and let us know what you think of Oats’ performance!


Source: Oatsngoats