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Metroid Music Collides With Viral Parody Video “Planet of the Bass” in This Mashup!

Last month the internet was graced with Kyle Gordon’s hit “Planet of the Bass“, a parody of 90’s Eastern European electronic music, including the viral music video that accompanied the single. Kyle plays the character of “DJ Crazy Times”, with the female guest vocalist, “Biljana”, voiced by Chrissi Poland & portrayed in the video by a rotating cast of performers.

Omega Metroid’s own Doominal Crossing heard the piece & immediately saw an opportunity to give it a Phazon infused musical kick with their latest Metroid mashup, “Planet of the Phaaze“! Doominal is no stranger to the world of mashups, as we’ve even featured some of their other Metroid-inspired work on the website before! What makes this piece especially unique, however, is the accompanying music video, a first for Doominal Crossing’s mashups! The music video was a huge reason why the initial single went viral in the first place, so they went the extra mile to record relevant gameplay footage & mix it in with the original video to make it feel that much more authentic & true to the source.

You can view “Planet of the Phaaze” in the provided video, download the single for free & listen to Doominal Crossing’s other Metroid mashups in this curated YouTube playlist! You can also check out their remastered Metroid Prime soundtrack hosted on Omega Metroid  here!


Source: Doominal Crossing