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Episode 181 – Metroid Manga In Review: Metroid Volume 2!

We’re back to finish off the journey we started last week with Volume 1 of the Metroid Manga! Volume 2 picks up right where the last one left off and makes some…interesting decisions. Hear our thoughts on things like Adam’s characterization towards Samus, if that ending was enough to undo the whole story thus far, Samus suffering from PTSD (and how that same scene later resurfaced in Other M), the fights against Ridley and the rest of the Space Pirates, how much DNA funny business is too much, and Grey Voice the Chozo’s character arc!

Come tune in to this nearly TWO HOUR episode that offers the most in-depth analysis of the Metroid Manga ever done and be sure to let us know your thought over on Discord!

All of the Metroid manga has been fan translated by our pals over at Metroid Database and is available to read here, so make sure that you check them out!




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