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Episode 118 – What New Ways Can Samus’s Gunship Be Used In Future Titles?

While the guys are still waiting for an actual Nintendo Direct to be announced, there’s still much to talk about in the world of Metroid! On this week’s episode, Dak and Doom reminisce on the reveal of Metroid Dread one year ago. They also chat about everyone’s favorite Metroid spin-off, Federation Force, and what Sylux really looks like in his brief cameo. Then after a quick chat on the new upcoming Metroidvania title from Squid Shock Studios, Dak and Doom talk about their favorite ideas on how Samus’s ship can be implemented in new ways in future 2D and 3D Metroid titles.

Come hang out and let us know what your hopes for the Gunship are in the next Metroid title!






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