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Metroid Musing: Are You a Fan of the Metroidvania Genre, Or Only Metroid Specifically?

Over the course of the Omega Metroid Podcast, we’ve developed a sub-series of the show called Inspired By Metroid. In these episodes, we review games that Metroid had an influence on in terms of aesthetic, world structure, and more, in hopes of finding good games to recommend to Metroid fans. We’ve covered some amazing games like Axiom Verge, Ori and the Blind Forest, Symphony of the Night, and Blasphemous, all of which have made me fall more in love with the Metroidvania genre.

Funny enough though, while I realized how much I love this genre and its style of gameplay and exploration, my co-host Dak had mentioned that playing all these games made him realize that he was more a fan of Metroid specifically than the genre at large, which I found curious. I wanted to know if that was more common than I maybe thought it was, so I’m throwing the question out to everyone here: are you a fan of the Metroidvania genre generally speaking, or are you really here for the Metroid only? 

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