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Impressive Fan Project “Metroid 64” in Development

While the Metroid series’ only representation during the N64 era was in Super Smash Bros., that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering about the potential of a Metroid game with the hardware’s limitations in mind. For a group of fans, the allure of this hypothetical Metroid 64 game was too much, and as such, they decided to create one for themselves.

Luto Akino, an indie game developer, is taking on the challenge. The entire game is being made from custom made assets, which is important to note since there are no official Nintendo assets being used in the project, with aspects such as the HUD being an homage to the one from Ocarina of Time.

The short demo isn’t without its rough edges, as Akino says the arm cannon needs some tweaking, among other necessary fixes. But the way Samus seamlessly morphs into morph ball form is quite impressive and the 3D platforming looks right at home with many of the contemporary titles released on the N64 at the time.

Although the project is still a ways off, Akino plans to release the game later down the line for free.

If you would like to follow progress on the project, please consider following Luto Akino either on Twitter or Instagram.


Source: Luto Akino (via Nintendo Life)