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Episode 190 – Alien In Review: Worlds Collide in Alien vs. Predator!

It’s a new era for the Alien franchise, as the first entry in the series that helped shape Metroid without Sigourney Weaver enters full-on spinoff territory, colliding with the world of Predator to deliver the ultimate showdown in Alien vs. Predator! Andy and Gooey Fame are back to dish out their thoughts on the Paul W. S. Anderson directed film. While this film probably has the least in common with Metroid than almost any other entry in the series, we still analyze what makes a good spinoff film and game, while drawing some slight parallels to Metroid Prime Hunters. We’re also talking about our thoughts on the Predator franchise, the coolest kills in the movie, the crazy lore and story of the movie, how Weyland Yutani isn’t actually mega evil in AVP, the state of both the Alien and the Predator franchises heading into this crossover, how the movie not having one main character to rally around makes it tough, and so much more! All this, plus some quick thoughts on the upcoming Alien Romulus!

Alien In Review will return, but in the meantime, if you like Andy and Goo talking movies, check out their other podcast Virtual Theater, a podcast about video game movies and the stories that shape them!

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