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The Great Metroid Area Ranking: Chozodia + Area 4 (Samus Returns) + Pirate Homeworld

Welcome back to The Great Metroid Area Ranking, the Hunter-Tier Patreon exclusive show where I, Andy Spiteri, will be ranking every single area in the Metroid series! This month, I’m joined by Hunter Patron and one of the first Omega Team Members, Minneapolis King! We have a lot of ground to cover as Samus Returns makes its debut on the list with the crystal caverns of Area 4, Metroid Prime 3’s hostile and cyberpunk-themed Pirate Homeworld, and Zero Mission’s Chozodia – an area featuring stealth, something never seen before or since in the Metroid series. A new #1 overall area is crowned this month, so make sure that you tune in to see what came out on top!

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