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Break into a Cursed City in the Upcoming Indie Metroidvania, Silent Santicado

Set in a silent, cursed city of death, Silent Santicado is an upcoming indie Metroidvania created by Vigilant Addiction Studios that’s set to release sometime in Q1 2022. You’ll play as the priestess Luna, who wields both the magical Moonweft Blade and a variety of spells as she ventures forth to break a curse that threatens the land. According to the game’s Kickstarter trailer video description, “Silent Santicado is an atmospheric Metroidvania set in the ruins of a stone city afflicted with a quiet, unseen curse.”

It’s hard not to dig this game’s aethestic and art style. One of Silent Santicado’s team members, Miroko, also contributed art to the awesome black-and-white retro adventure Gato Roboto. Silent Santicado’s Kickstarter managed to clear it’s goal of $24,000, with 776 backers contributing over $25,000 to the project. The game is set to launch for PC, Mac, and Linux, although there is no confirmed release date yet, nor are there plans for a console release at this time. If you are interested in the game, be sure to follow the developer’s Twitter for more information, and wishlist the game on Steam!

One of the most interesting concepts is the customizable (and collectable) color palettes for the game! Are you planning on getting the game, and if so, which color palette are you thinking of getting?