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New Super Metroid 100% Item Completion Speedrunning World Record Set!

Just when you think there’s no way that Metroid speedrunners can get any more efficient, someone goes and sets a new world record! Playing late into the night last night, prolific speedrunner ShinyZeni etched his name in the world record books by competing Super Metroid with 100% of the expansions and pickups in a mind-bending 1:12 and 30 seconds. This is even more insane as more than 30 of those minutes are cutscenes or otherwise-unplayable/unskippable moments, meaning that ShinyZeni actually completed this mammoth task in just 41 minutes of real in-game time (IGT). This run places Zeni firmly in the #1 slot for the Super Metroid 100% category on, edging out former world record holder Behemoth87 by a full 10 seconds. Zeni took to Twitter to announce the news last night:



If you’re left wondering how a run like this is even possible, first off, you’re not alone, and second, you can watch the run in its entirety here (here’s a version with commentary and here’s one without). Don’t stop there either, as Zeni’s YouTube channel is brimming with speedruns and world record runs of Super Metroid and more titles! Congrats to Zeni!

Feeling the itch to play Super Metroid again? Or just in awe of some of the gameplay in this world record? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: ShinyZeni