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The Great Metroid Area Ranking: Burenia + Sector 4 AQA + Hydro Station (AM2R)

Welcome back to The Great Metroid Area Ranking, the Hunter-Tier Patreon exclusive show where I, Andy Spiteri, will be ranking every single area in the Metroid series! This month, I’m joined by Ultra-Tier Patron and friend of the show Quaidrunner (or Paul, as I know him!) to get wet and slippery as we have a water themed triple header: AM2R’s amazing re-imagining of Area 2 as a Hydro Station, connecting SR388 via a complex piping system; Metroid Fusion’s Sector 4 AQA, home of the incredible Serris boss battle and the craziest Shinespark puzzle the series has ever known; and Burenia, Metroid Dread’s submerged section of ZDR that boasts some incredible backdrops and a truly elemental fight against the water itself.

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