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Episode 218 – Ridley’s Lair (NES): Mapping Metroid

Mapping Metroid returns to tackle one of the oldest – and deadliest – areas in the series: Ridley’s Lair from NEStroid! We’re back almost 40 years to examine the layout of this area, how it serves as a skill-checking gauntlet run for the player, the creepy and unsettling music and how it adds to the atmosphere, if this hideout could have used a few more items and expansions, our favorite rooms ans the trickery involved in them, and of course, the epic(?) showdown with the earliest version of Ridley!

All this, PLUS some ROM-Hack talk, Zero Mission comparisons, a new Doom game rumored, and a debate over the recently released Furiosa! Come and hear out thoughts and let us know what you think of Ridley’s Lair!





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