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Episode 174 – Dak vs. Doom in The Ultimate Metroid Box Art Ranking Challenge!

It’s finally time for the episode you’ve all been waiting for. This week on the show, Dak & Doom are back for a new kind of Metroid challenge, where they rank EVERY SINGLE METROID BOX ART!

That’s right, the guys go through literally every single Metroid box art since the franchise’s inception and rank them on their own tier lists. Unlike our “Definitive Ranking” episodes, here Dak and Doom work on their own individual tier lists to see how they pan out compared to one another. Will your favorite box art make it to Omega Tier? It’s time to find out!

If you subscribe to us on YouTube, you can also follow along with our tier lists in video form. The YT form of this episode will be on our channel not too long after the audio podcast version. And if you want to make your OWN tier list, you can use the template available here on! You can also find the tier list by searching for “Metroid Boxarts” on the site.

Join us for your weekly dose of Metroid!





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