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Episode 173 – Fan Q&A Continued! Switch 2 Rumors, One Change We’d Make to Metroid, and More!

This week on the show, Dak and Doom hold down the fort while Andy is busy preparing for the Zelda Dungeon Marathon! Last week, we ran another Q&A episode, and we got a lot of questions from one of our community members and Omega Metroid team members, TheAccursedHunter aka Big Griff. We couldn’t get to all of his questions last week, so this week we decided to not only get to those questions, but to have him on the show to join us for the discussion!

In this second part of the Q&A, we chat about our favorite Metroid music and original Metroid songs that outshine their many remixes; whether or not Samus’ power suit is a superpower or a piece of equipment; how the Wide Beam could work in Metroid Prime; how underwater areas could work in an open world Metroid; and more!

Plus, we talk about the ONE CHANGE we’d make to Metroid, the latest Switch 2 rumors, and the latest games we’ve been playing recently.

Join us for your weekly dose of Metroid!






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