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Episode 121 – Is It Time To Forgive Other M?

Welcome back to another week of Omega! This week, the fellas are tackling a bunch of different #MetroidMusing questions, including this doozey: 12 years removed from the game launching, is it time to forgive Other M and embrace it’s good qualities while leaving behind what it did wrong, or should fans hold the game accountable to make sure a second Other M never happens? Other questions include the possibility of Zero Mission – itself a remake – getting a modern remake one day, our favorite Space Pirate design, how awesome a prequel game starring Raven Beak set before the events of Metroid Dread could be, and so much more!

All this, PLUS some Zelda Dungeon Marathon talk, Metroid Prime 4 discussion, and how no Nintendo Direct this summer almost assuredly means no Metroid Prime HD this year. Come hang out!





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