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Episode 170 – Exploring the Creepy ROM Hack VITALITY and Fun Spinoff B2-TW!

This week, we had some last minute sickness ruin our recording schedule, so feast your eye on not one but TWO Metroid ROM Hack Reviews!

Metroid is a series known for its atmospheric feel, and in the latest ROM Hack Review, we’re looking at a hack that takes that atmosphere and elevates it to the next level! Created by Digital Mantra, V I T A L I T Y is a Super Metroid hack that places Samus on the planet Auriga, delving deeper into the mystery of the world and slowly realizing all is not what it seems. With an emphasis on story and atmosphere, including a huge late game twist, I’m excited to share thoughts on this dark tale! As always, you can check out the hack for yourself here!

We’re back with our (ahem) balls to the walls – Morph Balls, that is! In our latest ROM Hack Review, we’re taking a look at the unique B2-TW, a hack by Grime in which you play in Morph Ball form the entire time, jumping, bombing, puzzling, and even fighting enemies in close quarters with many a hazard around! A nice and short romp, B2-TW is definitely unique in it’s concept, but is the final product ballin’ or is it hori-ball? Come listen to find out, and click here to grab the game for yourself!





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