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Metroid Musing: Should Samus Get New Power Ups in Super Smash Bros. For Defeating Other Fighters?

An important aspect of the Metroid series is for Samus to acquire new power ups by either exploring the world or by defeating a boss. Few things in Metroid are as satisfying as getting a powerful new ability – like the Screw Attack or Plasma Beam – or some sort of new item that lets you overcome environmental obstacles – such as the Gravity Suit or Hazard Shield from Metroid Prime 3.

This aspect of Samus and the Metroid series could be integrated into Super Smash Bros. by Samus defeating certain fighters in a certain way. The most obvious method would be using Samus’s Metroid Drain ability from the end of Metroid Dread. It could be used as one of Samus’s grabs if her enemy is at 100% damage or higher.

So what if Samus could drain other fighters of their powers and use new-found abilities and upgrades against them?

For example, beating the Ice Climbers could give Samus familiar power ups like Ice Missiles, or augment Samus’ Charge Beam with a freezing effect that’s similar to the Ice Beam (the Charge Beam in Smash IS blue after all).

On the other hand, if Samus defeating Ganondorf could give Samus something a bit different, like a more powerful, darkness infused Jab like Ganondorf has. Considering the vast amount of fighters Smash Bros has accumulated so far and could possibly add in the future, the amount of potential abilities Samus acquires could be staggering.

The odds of an ability straight-up replacing one of Samus’ moves is unlikely, but for the purposes of this discussion that shouldn’t be viewed as a restriction. This ability could go away after Samus loses a stock as a way to balance it. Think of it as Samus dying after getting a new power up before returning to a Save Station (Samus even enters battle by exiting a Save Station).

That being said, what other power up ideas can you think of? What method would Samus use to defeat Smash Fighters to get new power ups? Is her Metroid Drain more than sufficient? Would it be overstepping too much on Kirby’s copy move? Let us know in the comments below!