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Episode 132 – Frigate Orpheon: Mapping Metroid

Mapping Metroid returns, offering up a companion episode to our Tallon Overworld deep dive. This time, we’re mapping two areas in one: the Frigate Orpheon! Come listen to us dissect the ship as it flies in space, talking about that Parasite Queen fight, the lore of the ship and what the Space Pirates are using it for, and how it serves as a perfect tutorial for players controlling Samus in 3D for the first time. AND THEN, we break down the Crashed Frigate, and how this dual purpose area offers an incredible platforming challenge, how this area was an example of the planet of Tallon IV fighting back, and that absolutely serene theme that plays while you’re traversing underwater.

Come listen to the most in-depth deep dive into the Space Pirate Frigate Orpheon that’s ever been done!





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