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UPDATE: Metroid Dread Samus Figma Now Available for Pre-Order

UPDATE: The new Metroid Dread Samus figma is now available for pre-order! You can grab your pre-order on GoodSmile for $86.99 USD (and if you create an account before ordering from GoodSmile’s website, you can get 50% off shipping!). The figure comes with posable joints, perfect for your most-desired poses, plus Morph Ball and Omega Cannon parts. Best of all, you’ll also receive a magnetic Spider Magnet figure base that Samus can hold onto! Don’t miss out on getting your very own!


Original: Back in February of 2022, it was revealed that manufacturer Good Smile was working on a figma action figure based on Samus’ Power Suit from Metroid Dread. Many wondered what it would look like, but now we don’t need to wait any longer.

At Good Smile’s SmileFest 2022 the Metroid Dread figma was finally revealed! Not only that, Metroid fans got quite the surprise with the additional announcement of a figma based on Metroid Dread’s EMMI!

For those curious on pricing and release dates of these figures, unfortunately these details haven’t been made public yet. It looks like the Samus prototype is a bit further along as we’ve gotten a first look with color, while the EMMI preview is not painted, as you can see. This might suggest that the Samus figma will be available for sale before the EMMI is ready.

Both announcements have been a pleasant surprise. All the more fitting since this year’s Smile Fest starts on August 6th 2022, the 36th anniversary of the Metroid series.

What do you think of the figures? Are you as exited as we are? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Good Smile Smilefest 2022