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Episode 125 – Tallon Overworld: Mapping Metroid

After six long months, Mapping Metroid makes its triumphant return, as does the original podcast dream team of Andy and Dak! Reunited, the entire gang dive as deep into Tallon Overworld as anyone ever has, discussing all of their favorite rooms in the area, their first impressions, the area serving as an important hub spot for Tallon IV, how important the Landing Site was in convincing people 3D Metroid would work, the Artifact Temple and all of its lore, the incredible Meta Ridley boss battle, the best expansions hidden in Tallon, the most noteworthy enemies you face, the not-one, not-two, but FIVE incredible music tracks that play here, and so much more!

We thoroughly discuss everything Tallon Overworld, and as a bonus, you can look forward to a future Mapping Metroid that details the Frigate Orpheon / Downed Frigate as a companion piece! All this, PLUS a little Splatoon 3 and Metroid Metal talk to get us going!

… and hey! If you want to watch our beautiful faces podcast in person, check out this episode on our YouTube channel! We’re going to be recording these episodes live for anyone that wants to check them out, so make sure you’re subscribed!





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