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Metroid Musing: Should Metroid Introduce Time Travel?

Despite being a sci-fi series set in the distant future, there are two sci-fi staples that Metroid has yet to explore in a significant way.

First would be actually being in the vacuum of space. Samus wears Power Armor that seals her off from the outside and has spent some time in space, but that’s rarely an environment Samus explores for long. The Frigate Orpheon, Celestial Archives and the Vesper Defense Outpost (both of these being from Prime Hunters), and the GFS Valhalla is the most time she’s spent out in the void.

Even then, Samus spends most of her time inside these structures; the second visit of the Celestial Archives has a few large areas exposed to the vacuum but most of that second visit is spent going through a teleport maze. The Orpheon is in space in the first area and Samus immediately goes inside. Vesper and the Valhalla have certain sections that are in space, but it isn’t long before Samus is back inside.

The second sci-fi staple would most definitely be time travel.

Other sci-fi series like Star Trek and Transformers as well as other Nintendo franchises like Mario and The Legend of Zelda have all dealt with time travel, yet Metroid has barely mentioned it.

The closest there is would be the Phase Drift Aeion Ability in Metroid Samus Returns which slows down time. To be fair, Metroid covering time travel feels like it’s only a matter of time since Samus has dealt with other crazy stuff, like demons from another dimension with the Ing, Phazon Metroids being able to become intangible by phasing out of local time space, and the X Parasites, essentially John Carpenter’s The Thing on super steroids since they can infect all organisms on a planet in only a few hours. Samus has gone up against all kinds of things, so dealing with time travel with eventually have it’s time in the sun.

Should these topics be explored by Metroid in more depths, what would you like to see? What should be avoided? Time travel can be tricky to explore without everything getting convoluted. Let us know in the comments down below.