Metroid Prime Hunters

Check Out This All Items Speedrun of Metroid Prime Hunters

Speedrunning is one of the many foundational elements of what we love about Metroid. But when it comes to speedrunning, Metroid Prime Hunters is rarely in the conversation.

If a game can be completed fast, it will be completed fast one point or another, and Hunters is no different! Back around the release of Metroid Dread last year, Hunters player Verallix was focused on completing the DS Metroid campaign as fast as possible, uploading a completed All Items speedrun clocked in at just over an hour runtime.

Verallix’s run hit a total time of 1:09:55, with an in-game time of 1:01:36, placing it as the fastest All Items speedrun of Hunters submitted to Although there aren’t many runs of the game across its numerous categories, nabbing the top spot in the All Items category is still an impressive feat.

The runner made their attempt on a New 3DS XL, made possible with smooth routes, skips, and strong crosshair placement. Although Verallix is happy with the run, they speculate that it can improved. It doesn’t seem like Verallix will try to trim their time on this run anytime soon, but we’ll keep an eye out for another run in the future.

It’s a given that Hunters won’t ever be as popular as other Metroid titles when it comes to speedrunning. Nevertheless, it’s fun to see how even a game like Hunters can be optimized by its best players.


Source: Verallix