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Watch This Speedrunner Be The First to Beat Metroid Dread in Under An Hour!

As the time to complete Metroid Dread has been shaved down further and further by speedrunners, it was only a matter of time before somebody beat the game in less than an hour. Now, it’s officially been done.

Last Friday, speedrunner Arkandy took to Twitter to announce their incredible news – the completion of the first-ever run of Metroid Dread in less than an hour’s time. While the in-game timer hit 01:09:25 due to cutscenes, even if they’re skipped, the real time clocked in at an astonishing 59 minutes and 56 seconds.

As this is a “Legacy Any%” speedrun, this means the game was completed without any restrictions or minimum item acquisitions, or a requirement to use the most recent patch of the game. Entire portions of the game are skipped in order to make this run possible. Elun is entirely circumvented, as are major cutscenes like the Quiet Robe encounter in Ferenia.

This run has been submitted to and confirmed by, making it not only the fastest official run of Metroid Dread in the Any% Legacy category, but in all speedrunning categories of Metroid Dread!

The next closest time in the category is almost five minutes slower than Arkandy’s run, the former world record time submitted by runner G_heinzy back in June.

Arkandy’s Dread completion is something you don’t want to miss. You can check out the run in its entirety on Arkandy’s YouTube channel here or below this post.

What do you think about this incredible run of Metroid Dread? Is speedrunning Dread something you might be interested in? Let us know here or in our official Discord server!


Source: Arkandy