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Check Out This Video Discussing The Brilliant Animation of Metroid Dread

With the release of Metroid Dread, Samus has made a comeback and has never looked better. I’m not just talking about Samus’ new look for her Power Suit, but all of her animations and attentions to detail made by the developers at Mercury Steam. Dan Root from Video Game Animation Study goes in-depth in his video on Samus’ latest appearance.

How Samus runs, jumps, slides and makes context-sensitive motions based on the environment are all superb. Some of these motions are based on what power ups Samus does and does not have at the time. This sentiment extends not just to Samus, but the entire world of ZDR. The diverse environments Samus explores, the towering bosses she faces, down to every enemy Samus encounters.

A noteworthy comparison for Samus’ animations in Metroid Dread is the game’s predecessor, Metroid Fusion. In Metroid Fusion, Samus’ run had a bit of a hunch to it, when standing still she holds her Arm Cannon from underneath like a shotgun as a result of her weakened state throughout the game. In Metroid Dread, Samus now has her Arm Cannon aimed up higher and has her left hand on the top instead of the bottom.

When Samus stands still or the player saves their game, she stands tall with confidence. All of Samus’ basic movements and idle poses exude a new found confidence and power, despite the Dread hanging over the game and knowing what Samus is up against.

This is just scratching the surface as to the detail Metroid Dread has to offer, and Dan Root’s video analysis does an excellent job at showing what’s going on and how it works. Be sure to check out one of Dan Root’s previous videos going over Samus’ animations through the Metroid series.

If this doesn’t sate your curiosity for discovering what Metroid Dread has to offer, fear not! You can find an article covering all the hidden details of Metroid Dread right here.

Source: Video Game Animation Study