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The Top 5 Dread Shinesparkers in the Metroid Community

Back in March, Youtuber Jk issued a challenge to see who is the best Metroid Dread Shinespark user in the community. Just over a month later, it looks like we have our answer.

Jk is back with another Metroid Dread Shinespark challenge video. This time, they’ve put together a compilation of submitted clips from several Metroid Dread players to establish a Top 5 best Shinesparkers. Each player’s submitted clips feature some of the best Speed Boost chains around. Some of these clips are downright mesmerizing. And you’ll surely be blown away by the top player’s abilities!

Metroid Dread has made the Speed Booster better than it’s ever been, allowing Samus to jump, slide, even go in and out of Morph Ball without stopping! That raises the question, just how long can you keep the Speed Booster going? Would you believe me if I said you could run a circle through an entire area? Well, the only way to find out for sure is to check out some of the best Shinesparks in Metroid Dread.


Source: Jk