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Challenge: Shinespark Until You Can’t Shinespark Anymore!

Metroid Dread players have recorded themselves performing chains of shinesparks to see how long and far they can go, and have even called out other players, challenging them to see who is the ultimate shinesparker.

Jk is one of those many Metroid players, and has issued a challenge to the community to take on an ultimate test of their skills.

Shinesparking has been a technique common in Metroid games since the Dachora taught Samus the hidden ability in Super Metroid back in 1994.  Over the years, shinesparking has evolved –  allowing for smoother executions, the ability to hold the charge longer, and executing the shinespark standing or in morph ball mode.

Metroid Dread’s iteration of the shinespark is arguably the most smooth and enjoyable in the entire series.  This amazing gimmick has lead players to go beyond the game’s intended puzzles requiring the shinespark, and creating their own instead.

Share with us your favorite shinesparking puzzles from Metroid Dread with us, whether they’re built into the game or are paths created by fans, so we can see who’s the ultimate shinesparker!


Source:  Jk