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Check Out this Incredible Metroid Fusion Fan Art

I’ve seen some pretty cool Metroid fanart in my time, but I caught this on Twitter and was just blown away. Jotas_arts94 did a fantastic job creating a centerpiece depicting Metroid Fusion.

Starting things off, you’ve got the lifeless eyes of the SAX staring into your soul. And the helmet cleverly incorporates both the humanoid form and the monstrosity you face at the end. The creature’s spider-like eyes glisten the top of the helmet while its ferocious teeth hang just below.

From there, our heroine takes center stage. The classic Fusion suit looks as fantastic as ever in the bright blue that pops from the screen. To the right, the SAX ensues with its free-form brethren floating about. And to the left, the classic Metroid hovers just above the BSL station. And finally, the title sits just below in a very stylized graffiti font.

Overall, as you look over the art, you get a sense of what Fusion is all about. Samus has changed and she now faces an enemy unlike before. The Metroid is there, but like the BSL, taking a backseat to the greater story at hand.

What do you think? Anything in particular stand out for you in this? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Jotas_arts94