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Shinesparkers Launches “Operation Golem” for Organized Federation Force Matches

There’s still some love for some of Metroid’s less popular titles – Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and its companion mode, Blast Ball!

Shinesparkers unveiled their latest project, a community initiative for organized play called Operation Golem. This project brings together Metroid fans looking to play Federation Force and Blast Ball online with others. Both new and veteran fans have a chance to jump into these multiplayer experiences still active on the Nintendo 3DS.

Operation Golem encourages players to go online at specific times to have a higher chance of matching with others. Two more Federation Force sessions are slated for April 23rd and 30th. Additional Federation Force and Blast Ball sessions should be expected in the near future.

You can also join the Operation Golem Discord server to get your own games started. Be sure to use #OperationGolem to stay in tune with the latest community updates.

It’s great to see some new life injected into Federation Force and Blast Ball. Operation Golem will be the hub for more community get-togethers in the future too, so make sure you follow and join up! You can still grab a copy of Federation Force on the 3DS Eshop if you want to get involved.


Source: Shinesparkers