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Omega Metroid’s Summer of Metroid Madness Character Contest: And The Winner Is…

Hello everybody and WELCOME to Omega Metroid’s SUMMER OF METROID MADNESS. Do you have a favorite Metroid character? Do you like characters facing off in intense duels? Do you thrive on the excitement of predicting an entire bracket? If so, then we’ve got what you need.

The premise is simple: 32 Metroid characters will go head to head in a NCAA-style series of single elimination matches, with the winner advancing to the next round, until there is only ONE character left standing that can be called the Omega Metroid Champion! This post will be updated DAILY with new match-ups, so make sure you bookmark it. Polls will last 24 HOURSSTARTING AND ENDING AT 5 PM PACIFIC / 8 PM EASTERN, at which point the character with more votes advances to the next round.



VotingAll voting will take place on this page. This page will be updated daily, so bookmark it!

The Rules – Polls will last exactly 24 hours. You may vote once. If you are caught cheating, your votes will be removed and you will be banned from participating in the future. Feel free to tweet to try and rally support, but don’t be overbearing.

The Schedule – The Summer of Madness Character Contest will take place August 16th to to August 24th. For a full breakdown of the matches, check here.

The Bracket – Check here for an updated bracket.

About the Polls – Polls are sometimes finicky. If you are getting an error message, try logging out of any WordPress accounts you may be in.

Polls will start and end at 6 PM, Mountain Time (MST). 




Do you think YOU know who the most popular character from our field this year is going to be? PROVE IT! You have from now until the contest begins to predict MATCH BY MATCH who is going to win the tournament. For each correct prediction in round one, you’ll net yourself 1 point. In round two, the right winner will bag you 2 points, and so on. Put your Metroid knowledge to the test and fill out a bracket of WHO YOU THINK WILL WIN, NOT WHO YOU PERSONALLY WANT TO WIN. This is strictly a POPULARITY CONTEST, so choose wisely.

Whoever ends up with the most points win not only massive bragging rights, but also will win the first piece of OFFICIAL OMEGA METROID SWAG!


Make sure you’re heading here to this link to enter! You have until the contest starts to enter! Prove that when it comes to predicting who is the most popular Metroid character among the Omega Metroid faithful, you are all elite! And don’t worry – even if you don’t win, you’ll be able to purchase these shirts shortly!



No surprise, SAMUS takes the win in the inaugural Summer of Metroid Madness tournament! Thanks to everyone who voted, and congratulations to RAEEF who has won our prediction the bracket contest!