Episode 126 – Summer of Metroid Madness Predictions!

Welcome to another week of the Omega Metroid Podcast! This week, Andy and Doom and joined by Omega Social Media Manager Jules Gia to discuss the upcoming Summer of Metroid Madness tournament! What the heck is that? Glad you asked! Summer of Metroid Madness is a tournament Omega Metroid us running starting TOMORROW August 16th that will pit 32 Metroid characters going up against each other in a series of NCAA-style 1v1 matchups. We go through the entire bracket, pick our favorites, and select a winner of the whole shebang! 

There’s a contest involved too which you can win some Omega Metroid shirts and swag for predicting the bracket, and you still have time to enter! Head over here to fill out a bracket! You can check out all the details for the contest here, and this will be where all the matchups take place, so make sure to bookmark this page!

All this, PLUS a little movie talk, as we quickly chat about Prey, The Grey Man, and of course, the 1993 classic, The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Come hang out with us!


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