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New Officially Licensed Samus Statue From First 4 Figures Up for Pre-Order (CODES INSIDE!)

Licensed figure and statue maker First 4 Figures has announced their next addition to their Metroid product line, a PVC Varia Suit statue from Metroid Prime.

The Varia Suit statue is 11″ tall and shows Samus in one of her iconic poses on top of a base modeled after the Screw Attack/Metroid Prime logo. There are 3 different editions of the statue being offered:

  • Standard Edition ($129.99) – The standard edition includes the statue itself with no additional features. It is only available at 3rd party outlets such as Big Bad Toy Store.
  • Collector’s Edition ($149.99) – The collector’s edition includes LED lights added to the Varia Suit’s helmet, lighting systems, arm cannon and thrusters along with an interchangeable left arm. It is available on the First 4 Figures website as well as 3rd party outlets.
  • Exclusive Edition ($149.99)* – The exclusive edition includes everything from the collector’s edition along with limited edition numbering, an authentication card, a rechargeable battery and a USB charging cable. As the name implies, the exclusive edition is only sold by First 4 Figures on their website and it retails for the same price as the collector’s edition for a limited time.
    *Reflects “early bird” pricing available until November 27th, 2023
The “collector’s” and “exclusive” editions of the Varia Suit include built-in LED lighting along with an interchangeable left arm.

Typically, the Metroid statues have all been crafted using resin, making these products very expensive for the average consumer. However, this new Varia Suit statue is the first Metroid item to be made with PVC plastic, lowering the cost significantly.

If you’re interested in adding this statue to your collection, you can use the codes VARSAM10 and VARSAM20 (yes, they stack together just like beams!) at checkout to get a total of $30 off your pre-order by November 27th, 2023! First 4 Figures is also hosting a giveaway where one lucky winner can nab an exclusive edition of the Varia Suit.

First 4 Figures specializes in making high quality officially licensed statues of characters and iconography from beloved anime and gaming franchises. The Metroid series has already received numerous products, the last of these being a life-sized bust of Samus’s helmet from Metroid Prime.

Will you be pre-ordering the First 4 Figures PVC Varia Suit statue? Which edition do you plan on getting? Do you already own some of their previous Metroid statues? Let us know in the comments below and tag us on our social media channels with pictures of your setups!

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Source: First 4 Figures