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Check Out This Video About The History of John Woo’s Metroid Movie

With the hugely-successful release of the Super Mario Bros. movie (as it has now become one of the top 20 highest-grossing movies of all-time), it’s hard not to speculate how Nintendo will try to adapt its other properties to the big screen as soon as possible. It seems like Zelda fans might not have to wait long at all, with rumors abound that Nintendo and Illumination are working on a Link-led animated film next.

As Metroid fans, we’re certainly excited for the possibility that Metroid will make its Hollywood debut at some point. For a franchise so deeply inspired by Alien, one of the most iconic sci-fi and horror movies ever, it seems like a Metroid movie should be a no-brainer. So far, it’s been anything but that.

Back in the 2000’s, there were two attempts to make a Metroid movie happen, but as we all know that never ended up becoming a reality. So what happened? To explain it all, YouTuber CutScene put together a twenty-minute report over on YouTube covering this exact topic.

How close were we to seeing Samus on the big screen? And will we ever be that close again? Check the video to find out!

Source: CutScene