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Episode 188 – Samus’s Percentages: Metroid Movie Box Office, Samus in Mario Kart 9, Anthony Higgs Returning, and More!

Everyone’s favorite game-show Samus’s Percentages returns this week! The premise is simple: we read a hypothetical statement and then assign it a percentage based on how likely to be true we think it’s be! On the docket this week: will the next Mercury Steam game have a great soundtrack? How much would a Metroid movie make at the box office? Will Federation Force ever see a port? Will Samus show up in Mario Kart 9? Will Nintendo sell Metroid Prime 4 at a premium price? Could Retro Studios ever revive Raven Blade? Are we seeing another Metroid spinoff game in the next five years?

These topics and so much more are covered, PLUS we give some early impressions on Super Mario Wonder and discuss the games we’ve been playing this year!


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