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Metroid Musing: Would You Like to Hear Dread-Style Voice Acting For Adam in a Potential Metroid Fusion Remake?

Raise your hand if you think it’s only a matter of time before Nintendo releases a full blown remake of Metroid Fusion.

With its twentieth birthday in the rear-view mirror, and Metroid Dread injecting some much needed life into the series, not to mention the direct story tie in between Dread and Fusion, the timing seems right to get this game out in the next couple years. Truth be told, there are many areas in which a Metroid Fusion remake could be improve on the original game.

One of those areas is voice acting. Being a story heavy game, Metroid Fusion has a lot of text to sift through – almost all of it coming from your AI Commanding Officer, Adam. This writer isn’t a huge fan of constantly stopping to listen as Mr. Malkovich tells you what to do, so I’ve always been of the opinion that full blown voice acting should replace text and allow you to move beyond the Navigation Room while you’re hearing what Adam has to say…

…that is, until I heard Adam’s voice in Metroid Dread. Weird at best and kind of annoying at worst, his voice perfectly fit a character that already got on my nerves a little bit. This voice is what I see Nintendo going back to, however, if they remake Fusion.

If this remake happens, would you welcome a return of the Dread-style voice acting for Adam? Would you like to stick to text-only with no dialogue audio? Or would you rather see Nintendo go all in and give Adam a real voice? Let us know in the comments below!