Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion are at SGDQ
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Metroid Fusion and Super Metroid Confirmed for Summer Games Done Quick 2024

This summer, Games Done Quick will be hosting Summer Games Done Quick in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 30th through July 6th. Ahead of the 2024 SGDQ event, Games Done Quick has announced their list of games that they have locked in for the event.

Unless a speedrunner is unable to participate, runs for these games are guaranteed to appear during the event. Of note, two Metroid runs have been accepted:

  • Metroid Fusion 100% by monkeysmb – This run is estimated to take 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete. monkeysmb is currently third place on the Fusion 100% leaderboard, and has a second place spot on the Any% rankings.
  • Super Metroid Any% Race between ARC (ARealCutie), Oatsngoats, Imyt, and ShinyZeni – While ARC and ShinyZeni estimate the run will take 45 minutes, Oatsngoats and Imyt are a bit more optimistic, estimating 43 minutes. All four are highly skilled runners with top ten times on the Any% leaderboard (Oatsngoats currently holds the world record).

The full schedule for the event will be announced later, along with the specific times that these Metroid runs will be performed. If a runner has to drop out for these Metroid runs or any of the other runs at SGDQ, backup runs will be substituted in their place.

Games Done Quick is a charity event series that features speedrunners attempting to complete various games, known for garnering millions of dollars in donations for charities.


Source: Games Done Quick