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Listen To This Unearthly Metroid Music Mashup of Prime 2 and Dread

If you were to ask any Metroid fan what Metroid games do best, I’m willing to bet many would say that the soundtracks are some of the best in the industry.  Although some games may have more iconic scores than others, each Metroid game’s soundtrack establishes the series’ iconic setting and mood.  Bufosmixes has taken two tracks, “Chykka Larva” from Metroid Prime 2 and “Super Goliath X Golzuna” from Metroid Dread, and created a mix that blends them together into an absolute banger.

The disco beat of “Chykka Larva” keeps the song grounded with the soft chords lingering in the background to progress it forward, while the eerie melody of “Super Goliath X Golzuna” pierces the foreground.  The marching percussion prominent throughout Dread juxtaposes against the gentler ambience known in the Prime series for a mix that captures the extremes of tranquil isolation and intense battle that is beloved in the Metroid series.


Source:  Bufosmixes