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Learn How To Better Understand Metroid Dread Through the Chozo Language

We all have passions in life, some more important than others. And despite how miniscule or ridiculous it might sound, one of my passions is better understanding Metroid. It is without a doubt my favorite gaming franchise in existence, and before you go rolling your eyes (which you invariably already have by now) the fact that you’re reading this tells me that you yourself have some sense of passion for Metroid as well. And that’s OK. There’s something nice about digging into something you love regardless of how trivial it might seem.

So, how do we better understand Metroid? We can look at its gameplay, its mechanics, its art style, its lore, the list goes on, but what of its language? If you want to better understand Metroid, a franchise built around the Chozo civilization, what better than to look at how they communicate? Language represents the fundamentals of a civilization. Be it allegory or idiom, we can better understand a civilization by understanding how they talk to one another.

Thus brings my long-winded introduction to HiggZ’s Chozo Language Breakdown. In his video, he does an amazing analysis of the Chozo language. Utilizing his own expertise as well as those from the linguistic community, HiggZ provides an understanding of the Chozo that not only reveals more about themselves, but a deeper understanding of Metroid Dread. As he notes later in the video, a particular tablet belonging to Quiet Robe translates to: Extract Metroid DNA Samus. That alone offers insight into better understanding the underlying plot of Metroid Dread.

It’s a fascinating video, and if you’re looking to better understand Metroid as a whole, I highly recommend you check out his video below.

Also, don’t forget to let us know what you think. What do you make of Chozo language? Are there deeper implications to be had? Let us know in the comments below.


Source: HiggZ