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Learn How to Recreate Metroid Prime Style Music in this Video Tutorial!

I don’t know much about music, but I know what I like, and I remember the first time I heard the distinctive synths of the Metroid Prime soundtrack, I knew that I was in love. I also knew that I hadn’t heard anything in a video game that quite sounded anything like it, and even to this day, the synths, sounds, and quirks of the Metroid Prime Trilogy’s soundtrack remain so unique and distinctive that it felt like nobody would be able to replicate them in a way that did the OST justice. Enter SynaMax.

A prolific musician that has a history of making incredible Metroid music, SynaMax has released a two part video tutorial demonstrating the techniques, equipment, and style that aspiring musicians will need in order to create original music that shares some of the same DNA as the Metroid Prime Trilogy’s soundtrack. Even if you’re not interested in music to that degree, the amount of information that SynaMax is able to impart is worth your time alone, as he clearly has a passion and know-how about what makes the music of Metroid so special.

Check out PART ONE of the tutorial here, and PART TWO here.


Source: SynaMax