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Episode 133 – Reviewing the ROM Hack ‘Super Duper Metroid’!

Our recording schedules didn’t quite line up this week, so instead of a new episode of the podcast, we’re releasing a old episode that will be new to almost everyone! We’ve unlocked the previously Patreon exclusive series ROM Hack Reviews to go over the Super Metroid hack Super Duper Metroid! Super Duper Metroid, an incredible ROM Hack from Metaquarius and Daltone that reimagines Super Metroid with an emphasis on exploration and skill. Andy played the hack and has a ton of thoughts on the bosses, different map layout, improvements in items and displays, progression, and so much more! If you’ve never heard of Super Duper Metroid, check out the trailer here!

To gain access to ROM Hack Reviews and the video playthrough of Super Duper Metroid, as well as the Spiteri Show and special Discord roles, sign up for the Omega Tier on Omega Metroid’s Patreon page!





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