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Get Swept Away In This Amazing New Metroid Fan Album From Musician Lacey Johnson

Prolific musician Lacey Johnson returns with an absolute banger of an album, this time focused on the Metroid series. Having previously released covers and albums featuring the music of franchises like Street Fighter, Castlevania, and Final Fantasy (as well as some previous Metroid tunes!), Johnson now turns her attention towards Samus in her new album “Next Mission”, featuring pulsating solos and unique instrumentations throughout. “Next Mission” features a collection of signature songs from various games in the Metroid series, including ‘Phendrana Drifts’, ‘Ridley’s Theme’, ‘Kraid’s Lair’, and more, while also covering some lessor known (but still awesome!) tracks like ‘Rundas’ and ‘Baby Hatchling’.

Physical copies of “Next Mission” are available now for purchase on Bandcamp for as little as $15 USD, and all songs are available to stream on YouTube. This album is required listening for any Metroid fan, so make sure that you see this “Next Mission” sooner rather than later!

Source: Lacey Johnson