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Episode 115 – Definitively Ranking Metroid: Samus Returns

Definitive Ranking is back for a brand new installment focused on Samus’s first new (at the time) 2D Metroid game in over a decade, the apply named Metroid: Samus Returns! We’re breaking it down, discussing the categories and topics such as: did the gameplay innovations made in Samus Returns land, or were they a little undercooked? Although the music was decent, you barely hear the best tracks, so can we rate music highly? Does the focus on combat take away from the atmosphere intended by the original Metroid II game? What’s up with that brown/yellow filter the whole game has?

All this and so much more discussed as we break down Samus’s 3DS adventure in one of our longest shows yet. Come play along, and as always, here’s the criteria for the Definitive Rankings:

  • World / Atmosphere (the vibe, the setting, the mood)
  • Art Style (design of Samus, the enemies, the graphics in general)
  • Story (what works, what doesn’t)
  • Pacing / Progression (are there any parts that really bog the player down, or is it still fun getting lost?)
  • Gameplay / “Gimmick” (what new or different gameplay aspects we like)
  • Items / Abilities (how are the powerups and are they cool and practical)
  • Areas (how does each individual area look, feel, play, etc.)
  • Enemies / Bosses (are they fun, creative, etc.)
  • Expansions / Powerups (are the expansions hidden throughout the world fun, creative, and enjoyable to collect?)
  • Music (are we humming along?)

Of course, all of these are subjective, and we’re putting our critics hats on, but we want to hear what you have to say on Twitter!





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