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Episode 202 – What We Want From Metroid Prime 4 (Mechanics + Accessibility Edition!)

We’re back this week to talk – what else? – Metroid Prime 4! As we’ve done before, we’re going over a bunch of things we want to see in the game! Were working off of a wishlist that Doom put together that covers things like: could wall running be neat, or is that hokey? How does one make a Speed Booster work in 3D? Should the Speed Booster be third person, first person, or a mix of both? Could the Grapple Beam have a Gravity feature added to pull heavier objects? Could an escape sequence in Samus’s ship bring some new pep to the proud Metroid tradition? What would different difficulty options consist of? These are just a few of the topics we raise, so buckle in and get ready for a thoughtful show!

All this, plus some games we’re playing, and the great soda vs pop debate rages on! Come hang out with us!




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