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Episode 160 – Will Metroid Dread or Metroid Prime Remastered Have A Bigger Impact on the Series?

As another week flies by, the gang get together this week to discuss a whole slew of Metroid Musing questions from! On the docket: which game will have a bigger impact on the series going forward, Metroid Dread or Prime Remastered? What sales figures for Remastered would be considered a disappointment, average, or a smashing success? Should Samus start Metroid 6 at full power and keep her abilities? Would a third pursuer type enemy be one too many? Should Samus ever have a companion on her journeys? Does Metroid Fusion being on NSO lessen the chances of it getting remade?

All this, PLUS we share some very brief thoughts on the Super Mario Bros. Movie and where we see the future of Nintendo’s movies going! Don’t miss out!





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