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Episode 124 – Metroid Prime Pinball Retrospective!

After two and a half years, the game EVERYONE has been dying to talk about finally has it’s time in the sun on the Omega Metroid Podcast! No, it’s not Metroid Prime 4 – it’s Metroid Prime Pinball! We go as in depth as anyone has ever went into this game, breaking down each table, mini game, boss encounter, Artifact collectable, and even throw out a few of our high scores! We also go over why the games sales didn’t live up to it’s expectations, what would be the perfect scenario needed to ever see Pinball again, and praise the developer Fuse Games for making this feel like a Metroid game that was Pinball versus a Pinball game with Metroid stuff slapped on it.

If you haven’t played Metroid Prime Pinball in a while, or maybe ever, we encourage you guys to give it a go! You can even let us know your high scores! Until next week, when Mapping Metroid returns!





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